Summer NMS gallery

These “photos” were taken when the game “No Man’s Sky” was first released. Several months later the game was updated and many details were changed, including the appearance of some planets.


warp-jump-2The Warp jump


show-mike-4Chadwickia, THE most beautiful planet I have found so far!




show-mike-2Chadwickia from above


elfangall-water-archElfangol RFL


elfangall-rfl-looks-wateryElfangol RFL


elfangall-archesElfangol RFL showing strange rock formations and mineral clusters




deej-world-4-fbThis bipedal creature is a small example of what I call a Noagervay (named after fellow traveler Noah Caldwell-Gervais).  I am in search of the giant form of this species.


deej-world-2A river on Deejmoultonia




chadwickia-stormstorm on Chadwickia






blankCeolaguscraic, a radioactive and apparently lifeless planet


daubertia-first-attackI am welcomed by a Daubertian native.