Avie the Birdbrain Gamer # 6

This episode is especially poignant now that No Man’s Sky had the August 2017 update. Although the game now has more depth and complexity, the universe was “re-written”. A few planets are as before, some are the same but have lost their names, and some have lost both their names and their distinctive traits. “Dawnseas” no longer has seas, and “Summerhome” is no longer the sort of place you would want to spend the summer. Worst of all, my home planet Neochadwickia has turned into a charred cinder. It’s as if the planet moved to an orbit closer to the sun.

Whenever I returned from an adventure, I would hop up onto the roof of my base and look out on the landscape near my home. I can see in my mind’s eye the sunset colors, the silvery-green grass, and the strange craggy hill that looked down into the southern valley. I have to admit, when I came back to No Man’s Sky and saw that my home planet was irrevocably changed, I cried for a few minutes. I’m very glad that I had taken lots of photos and videos.

Maybe this loss affected me so much because it’s a difficult time. My parents are in their 80s and my father especially is in precarious health. The loss of Neochadwicka is just one more reminder that nothing / no one is forever — and a reminder that I can take the time to engrave these memories on my heart and mind.

Goodbye Neochadwicka