Avie the Birdbrain Gamer # 8

These videos are a survey of the star system Naguxoisanorca (aka “Nagu”). The whole survey was quite long and I broke it up into 2 videos. As part of making these videos, I composed 7 songs. They are

Farewell to Nagu
Rosperigosa — Aquatic Interlude
Rosperigosa — Extreme Radiation
Noelgervay 1
Noelgervay 2

I am particularly pleased with “Farewell to Nagu” because this is the first time I have done any singing on my own music compositions. I wrote harmony, sang all the harmony parts, and recorded each part 5 or 6 times. Then I blended them together and used lots and lots of reverb. To me it sounds like an alien angel choir!

The Noelgervay songs were based on the music that was playing in-game while I was recording video. For the second, slower version I simply played along with the in-game music. For the first, faster version I took the same melody and chords, modified them, and picked up the tempo.



Note: the No Man’s Sky soundtrack is composed by the group 65daysofstatic. Here is an article about them