What you’ll find here

Do you like  playing Minecraft in Survival Mode?  Building elaborate traps using redstone and tripwire? Fighting your way through the Nether? If so, this blog is probably not for you.

However, if you would like to build a world that is a giant birthday card for a friend and features a pizza made of lava…

Marcos FB pizza

Pizza world for blog


Sunset pizza


Or create sci-fi looking buildings

MC math building for blog

and geodesic domes

dalek dome

and  surreal landscapes…

cupcake island for blog

then you might enjoy hanging out here.

My favorite part of Minecraft is creating weird and beautiful worlds using editing software such as MC Edit, WorldPainter and Avanti.  If sometimes in the process I get hopelessly lost, fall into the Void and die, or accidentally bury myself under tons of rock — then so much the better!

Enjoy your stay here, and I hope you find some ideas to inspire your own world-building!