Visiting Sept Seven

Flying around Sept Seven! What would those blank areas in the corners be? How would the cliff-borders look? Are the caverns interesting? And, I always love visiting flat sandy beaches and really dense jungle.

Sept 7 corners with air

Well, the blank areas on the map were, again, those gaps in the world. I was hoping it would fill in with water. Still, I love flying above the Void, and occasionally falling in.


Sept 7 cliffs

Yes, the cliffs were impressive. The roots of the trees go down to the very bottom of the world.


Sept 7 flat beach

Beautiful beaches!


Sept 7 caverns

I’m not sure if I like the caverns. They look weird in sand. Maybe if I restricted them to certain areas. Also, they’re kind of dangerous — I was walking around at night, was taking some pictures of the moon, and fell in one.


Sept 7 fell in cavern

This picture is awfully dark, but I think you get the idea. This would be nasty to get out of, if I couldn’t fly.


Sept 7 perfect match

Yes, the water levels match perfectly! I built a little glass bridge from the island, across the Void Gap, to the surrounding ocean.

More pictures soon! This is a very nice little world, and I’ve already carved out some “camping areas”.