Squid Behavior in Minecraft

Yeah yeah I know. They’re not real critters. It’s all in the Minecraft programming — some rudimentary AI (artificial intelligence) generating random behaviors. Some behaviors are common and some are more rare.

No! Who am I kidding. Of course they’re real!

So — here’s some typical squid behavior — swimming peacefully by moonlight…

squid by moonlight

…and sometimes they swim to the surface and take a look around.


peaceful squid breaching

Less common is for them to come up on the land. They call loudly and attract others.



REALLY loudly.

call loud

Mating takes place.


mating 2

OK, fine. But … what in the world is going on here?!

mating squid story 1

The Creeper approaches the squid — then notices my presence. Now what?

mating squid story 2I…I just…I don’t even.