Amusing glitches in No Man’s Sky

There is a phenomenon that can happen in computer games called “clipping”. It’s when one object seems to project right through another instead of being stopped. Here is a case where theĀ  grass under my planetary base is clipping right through the floor.

grass in the labSince the little guy in the corner is my agricultural team leader, it seems extra appropriate. Maybe he likes having grass growing in his laboratory.

Here is a case of clipping that adds a certain thrill to the game. I’m running away from a dangerous animal, jumped into my ship, and before I could blast off, THIS happened

heads up

heads up 2


Ugly Planet contest

I have been collecting the most beautiful images from my planetary explorations in No Man’s Sky. I don’t bother to take pictures of the ugly scenery. But maybe I should start a collection and have an “ugly planet” contest. Here are 2 examples–

Planet with radioactive water

ugly 1

Planet of tacky plants

ugly 2

Squid Behavior in Minecraft

Yeah yeah I know. They’re not real critters. It’s all in the Minecraft programming — some rudimentary AI (artificial intelligence) generating random behaviors. Some behaviors are common and some are more rare.

No! Who am I kidding. Of course they’re real!

So — here’s some typical squid behavior — swimming peacefully by moonlight…

squid by moonlight

…and sometimes they swim to the surface and take a look around.


peaceful squid breaching

Less common is for them to come up on the land. They call loudly and attract others.



REALLY loudly.

call loud

Mating takes place.


mating 2

OK, fine. But … what in the world is going on here?!

mating squid story 1

The Creeper approaches the squid — then notices my presence. Now what?

mating squid story 2I…I just…I don’t even.