No Man’s Sky — Third Star System — Elfangol, Daubertia

For a more detailed description of these two planets, see here.

I’ve made my second warp jump


To the system Eiyodawak S77, which I renamed Locria, in honor of the Locrian Mode. It has four planets, one of which has a moon.

The first one I encountered was Elfangall Tachig, which I renamed Elfangol RFL.

This is the first planet I have explored that has large bodies of water. From the air it looked like a water planet


…and I imagined something Earth-like. However, Elfangall has high levels of radiation, and arched rock formations that seemed quite “unearthly”.



The pleasant temperature of 22 degrees C ( 71 degrees F) made me want to take off my exosuit, but the radiation level was too dangerous.

The next planet was Batungbara Piptakm, which I renamed Daubertia in honor of a friend of mine who has a PhD in plant pathology. There was a diverse collection of plant-like and fungus-like things here which I’m sure she would have been fascinated with.


However, it was not an easy location to study botany. Within a minute of stepping outside my ship, I saw this


This Therapod-like lifeform (and other species similar to it) it were a constant source of danger. Several times I was attacked the very minute I left the spaceship. I wondered if they were able to see or hear the landing from a distance.