Adventure Map

I’m working on an Adventure Map for my Minecraft world “Mystery Snail 4”.

Here is an article which gives an overview of Adventure maps

One of the popular ways to play is through adventure maps. An adventure map in Minecraft is a quest to get from point A to point B, with certain restrictions to follow. Restrictions such as you can only explore the interior of the map, you cannot go into creative, you cannot break blocks unless you have this, and the list can go on.

I’m hoping to have my son and some of his friends do a treasure hunt in Mystery Snail 4. I will be giving them a small map that gives them a general view of the world, enough to let them get their bearings, but without revealing too many details. I don’t want them to know about the Terrifying Abyss, or the Stairs of Doom, or the Caverns of Calamity….!

Here is the original image of Mystery Snail 4 taken from the world-creation software, and then the new version in GIMP, which hides a lot of the features.

before after Mystery Snail 4 map


Close up

Mystery Snail 4 map for GIMP 3


Hey, another GIMP project to check off the list!


Two New GIMP Images

This is an homage to the Doctor Who Christmas Special (2014).

GIMP 4 FB version



and here is a “painted-over” version of a Minecraft screen shot.



Here’s a comparison of the original screen cap and what I did with it. There is a particular brush that looks like bunches of leaves, and another brush called “cloud”. I was surprised to find out that your ERASER could also take the shape of these brushes. Erasing with the leaf shape seemed to improve the tree a lot.





explain paint over screencap

One Hundred Images challenge

For 2015, I challenge myself to create 100 images using the software GIMP. I got an early start and I’m up to image 4.

I’m already starting to feel more at ease with the software, and excited about the things it can do. However, I still feel annoyed when I get stuck. There’s so many things I know how to do in Corel Painter Essentials that I can’t do in GIMP yet.


The background gradient and crescent moon layer are modified from a photo. The blackish vegetation is one of the “texture brushes”, using different sizes of the same brush. There’s 2 layers of vegetation, and I made the tree-ish things in the back layer more faded, using the “opacity” slider.



Just messing around with the different “brushes”! I wanted to try each one, but only got 2/3 of the way through the list before running out of room.



This started with a paisley background, which I found online (Google images “fabric + blue paisley”). To lighten up the left side I used the “dodge” tool, and darkened the right side with the “burn” tool. Then I selected an elliptical area and modified the color (hue, saturation and lightness).